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Breast Ultrasound

What should I expect?

Your exam will be performed by a mammography-certified female technologist or a board-certified radiologist.

An ultrasound is most often performed in conjunction with a diagnostic mammogram. During your ultrasound procedure, the technologist will ask you to lie down on a table and position you appropriately. She will then apply a gel to your breast to allow the ultrasound energy to pass efficiently through your skin. A small probe will be passed over the surface of your breast, causing some pressure on your skin. A picture of the breast tissue will be seen on the ultrasound screen.

A breast ultrasound test usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. More time may be needed if a physical breast exam is needed. A radiologist will review your images with the technologist and may also want to obtain more ultrasound views of some areas of your breast.

When will I receive results?

At the time of your visit, you will receive a summary of your exam results and recommendations. Your referring physician will receive the results of your exam within 24-48 hours of your visit.

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