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Exam Preparations

General X-Ray


An x-ray exam (or radiograph) is a painless medical exam that uses a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce images of the inside of the body. An x-ray technologist is a specially trained health care professional that knows how to produce the images your physician has requested. These images are reviewed by a special doctor called a radiologist and then the report is provided to your physician. An x-ray of bones can detect fractures, dislocations, changes due to arthritis, and other diseases of the bone like osteoporosis and cancer. A chest x-ray can detect pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer and many other diseases of the lung. An abdomen x-ray can detect bowel obstructions, foreign bodies and in some cases kidney or gall stones.


No special preparation is necessary for an x-ray exam. You may be asked to remove any jewelry and clothing that has metal fasteners. You may be asked to lie on an exam table, maintain specific positions and hold your breath while the images are produced.

Exam Time: approx. 10 minutes



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